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About us


We are a Christian discipleship ministry that is dedicated to shape and develop core qualities within everyone, affirming Christian education, demonstrating Christocentric participation in outreach programs, and exhortation for fruitfulness in spiritual coaching and counseling that emanates from the word of God. For the purpose of preoccupying the focus and attention of the total man so that he can experience constant increase and hunger for more of God as an agent of change for the community.


To reach out with the love of Christ to the needs of the total man of the community by providing  caring structures that will benefit the public, herein exalt the savior, evangelize the sinner, equip the saved, edify the saints and encourage the soul.



To make disciples to Christ through witnessing, serving, nurturing and stewardship of the community for the advancement of God’s kingdom.

our Leaders:
Merits Henry

Founder Bishop Canada/Jamaica/Cayman

Dermid Frazer

Minister Cayman

Judith Fenton

Evangelist Canada

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